recommended test tool chain for solaris9?

Andreas Tobler
Mon Apr 14 05:28:00 GMT 2003

Tom Tromey wrote:
>>>>>>"Andreas" == Andreas Tobler <> writes:
> Andreas> ERROR: tcl error sourcing
> Andreas> /opt/gcc/gcc-3.2-branch/gcc/libjava/testsuite/libjava.compile/compile.exp.
> Andreas> ERROR: can't read "x": no such variable
> This error looks very odd.  I don't see how it could happen.
> Is there something wrong with your Tcl installation?

Would be great to know :)

> FWIW, I've never seen this particular problem, for any branch.
> (I'm using Linux, though, not Solaris.)

Well, the error is well known to me, but on darwin. You get the same 
error with an unpatched OS-X/darwin kernel.

Funny fact is, right now I do not see it. But always when I do a 
parallel make for example. Or when I have multiple builds running.


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