File.toUrl, is this a bug? persistent

Tom Tromey
Mon Apr 14 02:09:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> "Marilen" == Marilen Corciovei <> writes:

Marilen> While running my application which I finnaly compiled and
Marilen> works 50-60% I found a problem which can be easy replicated
Marilen> using the following piece of code:

What version of gcj are you using?

Thanks for the code.  Unfortunately I don't have a Windows build, so I
won't be able to look at this.  Maybe you could?

Marilen> If args[0] is a local file I get the following error:

Marilen> \c:\thisiscool-gcc\examples\reflect\list:

This is a bug in the URL parsing, or a bug when creating the URL?
It would be useful if you could change your program to print the URL
you get.  That might give some useful info.


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