gcj swt (motif) -- ADDENDUM

Erik Poupaert erik.poupaert@chello.be
Sat Apr 12 14:55:00 GMT 2003

I've got it to work with two different strategies:
(1) libswt-gtk-XXXX.so and libswt-gtk-pi-YYYY.so compiled separately.
(2) libswt-gtk-XXXX.a and libswt-gtk-pi-YYYY.a statically integrated into
the executable.

Even with strategy (1) you may have to disable the loadLibrary() calls.
There are two possibilities:

(1a) You link the .so files directly with the option
"-lswt-gtk-XXXX.so -lswt-gtk-pi-YYYY.so" --> you must disable the calls.

(1b) You link dynamically (not using the options in (1a)), causing libjava's
ltdl support to load the library at runtime --> you must leave the calls
enabled. I haven't tried this option. I don't know if LD_LIBRARY_PATH will
be the location set in which ltdl will try to find the libraries to load
dynamically. I believe it is related to java.library.path, which may be
governed by other environment variables. It probably works in a similar
fashion as the jdk.

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