compile question about dll of windows

Steve Ni
Mon Apr 7 13:43:00 GMT 2003

I try to an open source project javagroups into dll library in Windows.  It
required XML xerces package. First, I compile xerces into a DLL library,
after then, I want to compile Javagroups with libxerces.dll into a new
jg.dll, I don't know if GCJ can arrive my idea.

Following is my command to compile javagroup. But it failed to find
org.xml.sax(in fact, libxerces doesn't work!)

gcj -shared -o jg.dll javagroups.jar -L. -llibxerces

Certainly, I can use static link xerces method to get a standalone jg.dll,

gcj -shared -o jg.dll javagroups.jar xerces.o

This command success!

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