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Jean-Francois Briere
Sun Apr 6 18:51:00 GMT 2003


To link xercesImpl.jar, your need another jar file.
You need the jar file that holds the SAX classes.
on the Eclipse 2.1 bundle, you can find it in xmlParserAPIs.jar.
So now the build will be something like this:

-------------------------- --------------------------------

export CLASSPATH=$cur_dir/xercesImpl.jar:$cur_dir/xmlParserAPIs.jar

gcj -c -o xmlParserAPIs.o xmlParserAPIs.jar
gcj -c -o xercesImpl.o xercesImpl.jar
gcj -Wl,--allow-multiple-definition -shared -o xercesImpl.dll xmlParserAPIs.o xercesImpl.o

Jean-Francois Briere

 --- On Sun 04/06, Steve < > wrote:
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Date: 06 Apr 2003 12:06:08 -0600
Subject: Re: comfirm concept

>> Sure, I also try to compile xerces.jar, but failed. I have posted a mail to declare my xerces.jar package downlaod address, but no reply:).
>> I just use the simplest compile options, I don't know if more complex options required. But I have no knowledge about GCC or CCJ, so they look very very difficult to me. 

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