comfirm concept

Tom Tromey
Sun Apr 6 18:15:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> "Steve" == Steve Ni <> writes:

Steve> First, I hope I can compile my project into one exe file and
Steve> many dll file type, i.e., I want to compile my main source code
Steve> into exe, and compile others to dll.

Sure, you can do this.  At least, you can on Unix-y machines.  I'm not
too sure whether Windows DLLs are supported yet.  Maybe one of the
Windows experts can speak up.

Steve> Second, I refer to many different jar package, some is open
Steve> source, some is not. If I can compile them successfully by GCJ?

We don't know -- it depends on the particular package.

Generally compiling .class files works fine.  Sometimes it depends
how they were created -- the gcj verifier has a few known bugs that
some newer compilers trigger.  The other, more likely, potential
problem is that libgcj doesn't have complete API coverage.  So there
might be standard packages you need that we don't implement.

Steve> I try to study GCJ, but I find I almost can't compile any package
Steve> successfully, except some example code! What's status of GCJ now?

You can read all about it:


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