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Philip T. Gonia
Sun Apr 6 10:17:00 GMT 2003


I'm new to GCJ and I find I am having a problem working with inner
class compiles with GCJ.

Below I provide a very small output of the current output of a build I
am doing from a make file.
The problem starts at the request to compile an inner class. It falls
apart from there.

What is wrong and what is the fix if any.

gcj -c  com/rbnb/sapi/ChannelMap$ByteOrderEnum.class -o
gcj -shared -o com/rbnb/sapi/Source.o
com/rbnb/sapi/SourceBeanInfo.o com/rbnb/sapi/Sink.o
com/rbnb/sapi/SinkBeanInfo.o com/rbnb/sapi/SAPIExc
eption.o com/rbnb/sapi/PlugIn.o com/rbnb/sapi/PlugInChannelMap.o
com/rbnb/sapi/PlugInChannelMapBeanInfo.o com/rbnb/sapi/PlugInBeanInfo.o
pi/a.o com/rbnb/sapi/b.o com/rbnb/sapi/c.o com/rbnb/sapi/d.o
com/rbnb/sapi/e.o com/rbnb/sapi/f.o com/rbnb/sapi/g.o
rEnum.o com/rbnb/sapi/ChannelMap.o com/rbnb/sapi/ChannelMapBeanInfo.o
com/rbnb/sapi/ChannelMap.o: In function
com/rbnb/sapi/ChannelMap.o(.text+0x0): multiple definition of
com/rbnb/sapi/ChannelMap.o(.text+0x0): first defined here
com/rbnb/sapi/ChannelMap.o(.bss+0x3c): multiple definition of
com/rbnb/sapi/ChannelMap.o(.bss+0x3c): first defined here
com/rbnb/sapi/ChannelMap.o(.bss+0x38): multiple definition of
com/rbnb/sapi/ChannelMap.o(.bss+0x38): first defined here

Philip Gonia
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