maximum memory for gcj-compiled executable?

Lars Andersen
Fri Apr 4 12:56:00 GMT 2003

Ranjit Mathew wrote:
>>I have made this simple program that reads a web page, and then does
>>nothing with it ;)
>>Compile it under win32/mingw using Mohan's latest GCC3.3
>>Run it. 
>>The heap soon stabilizes and stays put (about 1000KB)
>>Now open the task manager and watch memory usage slowly grow and grow
>>and grow....
> Yes, I see this behaviour too. Even after statically allocating
> "buf" and "output" (and remembering to output.setLength( 0) at the
> start of read( )) and explicitly closing streams and connections
> and even omitting the creation of the intermediate strings...i.e.
> the mere act of reading is causing this increase!
> Don't know what's causing it and I wouldn't venture a guess 
> either. :-(
> Ranjit.

Just tried it reading a file instead of reading a web page.
This did not exhibit any growing mem usage.

This is likely a problem in / mingw

/Lars Andersen

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