Language extensions ?

Tom Tromey
Tue Apr 1 07:53:00 GMT 2003

>>>>> "Andrew" == Andrew Haley <> writes:

Tom> You can use gnu.gcj.RawData as a system-dependent pointer-sized
Tom> value.  However you can't really do anything with this value
Tom> other than pass it around.  It isn't treated like a real pointer;
Tom> for instance the GC doesn't examine fields of this type.

Andrew> Ouch.  Do we really want to support gnu.gcj.RawData as part of
Andrew> our API?

We already do; it is documented in gcj.texi as part of CNI.
That said, I'm leery of adding magical methods to it to implement
pointer math.  First, there are the security model considerations.
Second, why not just use CNI in this situation?  That's what it is
there for, and it isn't like code using RawData extensions would be
portable Java anyway.


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