New java/status.html file

Per Bothner
Sun Oct 27 08:35:00 GMT 2002

Andreas Jaeger wrote:

> Per Bothner  writes:
> >I checked in .
> >
> >Please look it over and if there is anything you know is
> >wrong, or believe to be incomplete or misleading, please
> >fix it, if you can.
> We should add that Linux on x86-64 is a supported target.  Ok to
> commit the appended patch?
Does assume "x86-64" refer to the AMD "Hammer" architecture?
If so, I'd make that clear.  Perhaps:

GNU/Linux on the AMD x86-64 ("Hammer") architecture.

Then check it in.

If it is CVS-only (not in 3.2), add (in CVS).
	--Per Bothner

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