user-space threads

Andrew Haley
Thu Oct 24 12:14:00 GMT 2002

Adam Megacz writes:
 > Mark Wielaard <> writes:
 > > I believe the java thread model does not guarantee any scheduling system
 > > at all. Not even that threads that block on I/O make other threads run.
 > Wow, I just checked the JLS, and you're right.  This is amazing.  It
 > doesn't even require the conventional "scheduler must not starve a
 > runnable thread forever" assumption.
 > Wow.  I consider that a major omission.  A lot of people write code
 > that implicitly relies upon that assumption -- for example, a lot of
 > crypto libraries generate randomness by spinning a thread in a while
 > loop and then flipping a boolean to break the thread out of the loop.

I wouldn't rely on a crypto library that did that.


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