Loïc Péron
Mon Oct 14 09:46:00 GMT 2002

Quoting Andrew Haley <>:

> You can also call Java's class loader from compiled native code to
> load and run interpreted Java code .

> You don't link the compiled code with the bytecode.  You just use a
> class loader at runtime to read in the class files.

So I have to write a little loader to be compiled as native code which
creates the appropriate classloader for running bytecode from mar jar
libraries, as is done when using sun's java -jar on an executable jar
including correct main-class and class-path.

Couldn't such a utility (a jar launcher) be partly reusable, and thus
be usefull if provided with gcj?

> Alternatively, you can directly call compiled code from intepreted
> Java: this works by loading the compiled Java from a shared library,
> which is a trick the interpreter can do.

Well, that's the other way I'd like to use it: have a native launcher
call bytecode functional classes, eventually adding a native gui.

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