what's at the top of your wishlist for libgcj?

Adam Megacz gcj@lists.megacz.com
Sat Oct 12 00:31:00 GMT 2002

Let me get right to the point: I would find vtable-gc for gcj very,
very useful.  It seems that for somebody familiar with gcc trees, this
shouldn't be too hard to implement -- from my poor understanding of
the code, it should come down to putting a build(VTABLE_REF,,,)
somewhere in build_invokevirtual() and build_invokeinterface(), with
appropriate tree-type-conversion voodoo.

Unfortunately, I don't know anywhere near enough about trees to get
this to work, and learning enough about trees would probably take me a
month due to the general lack of good documentation of compiler

Now, this is an open source project, so it's not really polite for me
to complain about a feature being missing and yet say that I'm not
willing to implement it myself.

Hence, I propose a swap: if you understand trees, and can spare what
should be a small amount of time to implement vtable-gc support, I
would be happy to undertake some menial, tedious, time-consuming task
that you would like to see done but don't want to do yourself.  This
task should fall within the realm of libgcj (which I believe I
understand very, very well).

One example would be eliminating all the compiler warnings in libgcj.
Another would be reflection-based stack traces (actually, this isn't
quite fair since I've already got it half-working).  Or whatever else
is on your wish list for libgcj.


  - a

"Through your rags I see your vanity"  -- Socrates

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