ANNOUNCE: GCJ 3.2 Windows Binaries

Ranjit Mathew
Thu Oct 10 06:05:00 GMT 2002


    The MinGW project has kindly accepted to host GCJ 3.2
binaries for Windows. If any of you are interested, you
can access the package as:

(It does not appear on the main MinGW SF page.)

Before you download it though, PLEASE READ THIS:

     1. This is *beta* software, so you will probably encounter
        problems. In particular, these are known issues:
           a. AWT does not work
           b. Unless you specify the -g0 or -gcoff flags to gcj,
              you will get lots of warnings like
              "stabs description field 12345 too big".
           c. Exception backtraces do not show up.

     2. Please do not report problems to either the MinGW or
        the GCJ developers and maintainers - these hapless guys
        should not be blamed for this freak - send all your
        suggestions/queries/curses to me

     3. Before you can use this, you will need at least gcc-3.2-core,
        binutils-2.13, mingw-runtime-2.2 and w32api-2.0 for MinGW.

        You can find all of these at:


        Just unzip them all (and GCJ) into a single folder and add
        the "bin" folder within that folder to your PATH.

        Alternatively, you can just install the "MinGW" 2.0.3
        package and extract GCJ into that folder.

If you've not been scared off by all this, do try it out and let
me know what you think of it (whatever it might be - all comments
are welcome).

Lastly, thanks a lot to the GCJ developers as well as the MinGW
developers for helping me out with a lot of stuff.

Sincerely Yours,
Ranjit Mathew.

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