PR 8138 replaces PR 8063

Andrew Haley
Fri Oct 4 02:19:00 GMT 2002

Adam Megacz writes:
 > I've resubmitted PR 8063 as PR 8138.  The new PR includes instructions
 > on how to reproduce the error no matter which gcc you used to compile
 > gcj.  The old PR would only work if you used 2.95 to comple 3.x.
 > Could somebody delete/close the old PR?
 > If you couldn't reproduce the old PR, could you please try the
 > instructions in the new one and let me know if they work?  Thanks!

$ tar xzf ~/src.tgz
$ gcj -fCLASSPATH= -Isrc/ -O3 -c src/org/xwt/ -o HTTP.o
$ gcj -fCLASSPATH= -Isrc/ -O3 -c src/org/xwt/ -o Trap.o
$  gcj --version
gcj (GCC) 3.3 20020927 (experimental)


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