RHUG and the "Done with GCJ" Page

Ranjit Mathew rmathew@hotmail.com
Fri Nov 29 00:27:00 GMT 2002


     I guess RHUG should be mentioned in the "Done with GCJ"
page, unless it is only for software that was built from
the ground up with GCJ as the native compiler. Even then,
RHUG merits a mention *somewhere* on the GCJ pages...in a
way, it also shows off what's possible with GCJ.

BTW, what does RHUG stand for - the "UG" part that is, the
"RH" I guess is "RedHat" (duh!).

Another BTW (for Anthony): the page


contains an invalid link to download GCJ.

Sincerely Yours,

PS: The footnote in:


is a nice dig at the rest of the RHUG site. LOL!

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