linux-gnu to mingw32 cross

Tom Tromey
Thu Nov 28 15:55:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Aliger <> writes:

>> I don't know why --enable-threads=win32 is not the default.

Martin> Yes. I beleive this is problem in such huge project as
Martin> gcc. Could you ask someone? Or is it working for you _without_
Martin> --enable-threads=win32 configure option?

The place to ask would be on the list.  Post a
question.  If you don't get an answer in some reasonable amount of
time, ask me and I'll try to find out.

As to me, well, the truth is that I generally only do Linux native
builds, and then typically only x86 and occasionally PPC.  That's what
I have ready access to (the problem really is time...).  I have a
linux-x-mingw build tree here but I rarely update and rebuild there.

Martin> Ok. There are problems, but gcj alone is a little
Martin> useless. Even for experiments...

Yeah.  This is an area we're constrained by the larger gcc project.
Until the build is really bulletproof a special option is required.
That's true for all targets, not just Windows.

Martin> What I miss is just few words/lines e.g. in ports page of gcj
Martin> about "mingw32 port is in experimental state. could be
Martin> compiled natively or as cross compiler with --enable-libgcj
Martin> and --enable-threads=win32".

Does the new status page (java/status.html) cover this for you?

Martin> Of course short page about every port could be great (and not
Martin> very time consupting to porters to write). I could prepare
Martin> something from mine howto for you if you are interested (but
Martin> I'm not native English so grammar correction could be needed)

I think that would be great.  For ports where special treatment is
required, we could add this info to the status page.


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