Stabs Errors Compiling Java Classes

Tom Tromey
Thu Nov 28 15:52:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "Ranjit" == Ranjit Mathew <> writes:

Ranjit> 4. description - can be any *16-bit, unsigned value*.
Ranjit>     (Used for storing line numbers when using GNU debug
Ranjit>     extensions. Hence a limit of 65535 lines for the
Ranjit>     source code if stabs debug info is to be used.)

Ok, I think I can explain.  In gcj we keep track of both line and
column numbers by packing them in to (I believe) a single 32-bit
value.  Perhaps this is not being properly decoded before it is passed
to the debug info generator.  That's an area I really know very little


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