Gcj info

Tom Tromey tromey@redhat.com
Wed Nov 27 21:20:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> ">" == Jayakrishnan M <jak_76_in@yahoo.com> writes:

>> 1. Does a program compiled into native executable     
>> using gcj still require the presence of jvm.

It depends on what you mean.

gcj doesn't work with just any JVM.  It requires its own, which is in
libgcj.  libgcj is required if you compile your program.  However,
libgcj is just a big shared library, so it isn't quite like requiring
a JVM.

>> 2. Does gcj supports java standard extensions like JMF
>>    and JAI.

I'm not immediately familiar with these.
I'm guessing JMF is java media framework?  We don't have that.
I don't know what JAI is.

>> 3. Does gcj supports or plans to support IBM swt.

It does support it.  There is an article on IBM developerWorks about
how to do this.  Also there is an SWT snapshot in rhug:


Follow the "RPM" link and you'll see it.

>> 4. When will the work on awt and swing will complete
>>    (approximate).

We don't know.  Currently it depends heavily on volunteer interest.

A lot of AWT is done.  Simple programs already work, though not out of
the box as the peers aren't in the libgcj build.  We're planning to
add the peers (in whatever state they're in) in 3.4 -- it is too late
for 3.3.

Swing has barely been started.

>> 5. Which are the platforms on which Gcj is supported.

See the status page:


gcj has been widely ported.  Porting gcj to a new system is not
usually very difficult.


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