Stabs Errors Compiling Java Classes

Ranjit Mathew
Wed Nov 27 12:12:00 GMT 2002


     People who have used GCJ on Windows would be
familiar with irritating warnings like the following
on compiling even the simplest of source files:
---------------------------- 8< ------------------------
C:\TEMP/ccbPEigb.s: Assembler messages:
C:\TEMP/ccbPEigb.s:26: Warning: .stabs: description field '70005' too 
big, try a
  different debug format
C:\TEMP/ccbPEigb.s:64: Warning: .stabs: description field '10001' too 
big, try a
  different debug format
---------------------------- 8< ------------------------

For an empty class, I get a single warning. For a class with
one function or attribute, I get two, for one with
two functions or attributes, three, and so on.

These assembler warnings are caused by lines
in the generated assembler source file like these:
---------------------------- 8< ------------------------
.stabs  "_ZN1TC1Ev:F(0,25)",36,0,65537,__ZN1TC1Ev
---------------------------- 8< ------------------------

The stabs "value" field in the line above is "65537",
which seemingly should be less than 65536 and causes
these warnings.

The "value" field is used by GCC to record
the address of a symbol within the output assembler file.
The line is emitted by the dbxout_symbol( ) function in

It seems that the address for almost every symbol
is being produced outside the allowed range by GCJ!

My questions are these:

1. Has anyone seen these messages on any other platform?

2. If not, can someone please shed some insight into the
    probable cause of such a behaviour?

Thank you in advance.

Sincerely Yours,

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