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Philippe Laporte plaporte@wgate.com
Wed Nov 27 10:52:00 GMT 2002

Hi all,
In reference to a previous thread:

>Philippe> You cannot see the use of the JNI way? Even if it weren't
>Philippe> used by GCJ, it could be by Kaffe, and by so many other VMs,
>Philippe> which might bring some people to GCJ who have projects were
>Philippe> space is much more important than speed, at least until we
>Philippe> get the Isolation API...
>Oh, I can definitely see the use.  And if it is implemented cleanly,
>with a low long-term maintenance overhead, then I would even be in
>favor of checking it in.  But if you're looking to apply presumably
>limited manpower to making gcj suitable for your use, I'd much prefer
>it be put somewhere else.  That's my preference; what you actually do
>must be up to you.
What I have gathered is that gcj will be my best framework to accomplish 
this task.

Now from following the project over the few last couple of weeks I get 
the impression the AWT is far from complete, and in addition, several 
other issues make GCJ as a whole unsuitable for my purposes. It comes 
down to requiring certification.

Besides, personnally, I'm much more confident about my compiler skills :-)

So I'll be undertaking the JNI code generating project.

I'm starting from scratch as far as gXX is concerned.

Any and all pointers will be appreciated. Anything that can speed me up. 
I won't be looking for interactive help, just for generic pointers and such.

Suggestions are of course welcome.

I'll start by learning how to use gcj, then I'll check out the source.

What files/functions should I start from? Any documentation?

Maybe some of these questions will vanish as soon as I fetch the source 
and explore the tree.

I'll make it clean and low-maintenance enough that you won't be able to 
resist integrating it into gcj.

Best Regards,

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