Loading native shared-libraries dynamically....

Andrew Haley aph@redhat.com
Mon Nov 25 07:06:00 GMT 2002

Clemens Eisserer writes:
 > Thanks for the fast response!
 > > > Is it possible to load complied java (object-files) with gcj-compilied
 > > > programs.
 > > > The FAQ says, that its possible to load and interpret class-files
 > > > dynamically but is this also possible with already compilied classes?
 > Hmm, thx for this part.

 > I have a class called bte, when I copy the bte.class into the
 > program-dir, I dont have any problems using it.
 > I´ve also a compiled shared-library, called "lib-bte.so or bte.so
 > this-bte.so org bte.o" nothing does work. The compilier ignores
 > it. If the bte3.class is in the dir, libgcj uses the class file
 > instead of the native shared library.
 > I´ve changed also the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to poit to this dir, but it
 > hasnt affected ;-( Do I need to set any special Variables, so that
 > libgcj can find my library?
 > I´m really sorry wasting your time so often, its really embrassing
 > for me, but I´ve played arround about 3 hours and I didnt find
 > the solution.

Use "strace -F" to run your app, looking for calls to open().  You
will see attempts to open lib-bte.so, and you'll also see why theyj


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