Can't get Throwable.printStackTrace when statically linked

Andrew Haley
Fri Nov 22 12:48:00 GMT 2002

Scott Gilbertson writes:
 > I don't get stack dumps when there's a Java exception in my
 > statically-linked binary (works fine in dynamic linked version).  The
 > following backtrace is from a core file generated from a Java exception.
 > Since there's no stack dump printed, I don't know the original cause of the
 > exception.

You've got a crash _inside_ glibc's shared library loader.  This
shouldn't happen.  I don't know what the cause might be, but it might
be to do with calling the shared library loader from a statically
linked application.

gcc's backtrace can't cope with this situation.

 > I see the following line in
 >   String className = "gnu.gcj.convert.Output_" + encoding;
 > so I assume it's failing to find Output_something.class.
 > Does anyone know a simple way to ensure that all the classes I need are in
 > the executable, or do I just have to add "-u" entries to my link arguments
 > whenever I find one missing?

This is fairly unusual, and only happens when using Class.forname().
Yes, you'll have to use "-u" for this.

Java is a very dynamic language, much more than C or C++.  Linking
statically is hard.  If you really want to do this, okay, but you're
going to have problems like this one.


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