GCJ application runs not too bad with shared libs, but crasheswith static libs - seems to be in _Jv_MonitorEnter

Scott Gilbertson scottg@mantatest.com
Fri Nov 22 10:17:00 GMT 2002

> "Scott Gilbertson" <scottg@mantatest.com> writes:
> > It looks to me like there's a race condition somewhere in the
> > handling, perhaps due to a bug in glibc.
> Scott, you aren't running Debian unstable or glibc 2.3+ by any chance,
> are you?  When I briefly upgraded from 2.2.5, I saw static builds
> crash all the time.  The wierd part was even builds with glibc-2.2.5
> statically linked in failed (bizarre!).
>   - a

My glibc is 2.2.93 - came with Red Hat 8.0

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