Ahead of time compiler solutions

Tom Tromey tromey@redhat.com
Wed Nov 13 12:51:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "Philippe" == Philippe Laporte <plaporte@wgate.com> writes:

Philippe> I'm just very curious here, what's so special about Kaffe
Philippe> that it can interface with GCJ, but the SUN JVM can't?

I thought they changed kaffe to let it interoperate.
I don't know, though, since I never looked into it.
In any case, the special thing is access to the source.

Philippe> What is the one JIT project that is closest to meeting the
Philippe> integration requirements, and what's still missing?

ORP is closest.  I think it is license-compatible, though I don't
remember the last time I looked.

Missing bits:

* Change libgcj to allow pluggable jit/interpreter.
  This is pretty easy, probably a couple days.
  Nobody has done it yet since there's no demand.

* Write glue code to let ORP talk to libgcj.
  ORP has some interfaces that make this not too bad.
  I started it; I have about 800 LOC and probably another 2000 to go
  At my current rate it will take about 15 years to finish :-)

* Figure out how to get ORP exceptions and libgcj exceptions to work
  together.  No clue how long this will take.

ORP only works on ia32 and ia64 :-(

I can send my integration code to anybody who wants it.  Though
honestly it may be easier to start from scratch.


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