language purist

Martin Aliger
Tue Nov 12 03:30:00 GMT 2002

> >I do not cast doubt upon use of constants in interfaces (esp. in case you outline) but write interface consiting _only_ of constants? I think in this case is much better use of public class - there is no need to derive from it or implement something. Just public + class reference is enough. And it is clean...
> Yes, that's right - at least unless you want to allow to derive 
> sub-interfaces from the first one that defines constants only.

You could use class inheritance as well as interface inheritance, don't you? Or could interfaces have multiple parents while classes could not? [i'm not friend of multiple inheritance anyway]

I tried to redesign it (mainly to test whether this interface usage does problems to gcj or not - seems negative). There is patch to review (I do not make any suggestion whether to apply it or not...) It is also more consistent witch foundation classes (like Short.MAX_VALUE)


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