JNI in GCJ 3.2 for Win32

Ranjit Mathew rmathew@hotmail.com
Sun Nov 10 12:48:00 GMT 2002

Tom Tromey wrote:
> If we're going to change _Jv_LookupJNIMethod, let's solve the other
> problem at the same time.  I think it could look like this:
> void _Jv_LookupJNIMethod (jclass klass, _Jv_Utf8Const *name,
>                           _Jv_Utf8Const *signature,
>                           void (**function) (), int arg_size);
> The new implementation would synchronize on something, and would fill
> in *FUNCTION with the pointer to the function it found.

a) The current implementation already synchronises on global_ref_table.

b) What's wrong with returning the found function ptr?

Sorry, I seem to be missing something - you need to hit me on the
head with a trout to make me understand this. ;-)

> If you do this you'll also need to change the declaration of
> _Jv_LookupJNIMethod in decl.c (to change the return type).

That looks too voodoo for a mere mortal like me!

I just want to tell the native compiler to pass another parameter
set to the real number of bytes passed as arguments to the called

I can't even seem to be able to trace where exactly it is specifying
the FFI ABI to use, leave alone making the change noted above. :-(

The interpreter on the other hand worked like a charm - I modified
it to send the number of bytes (_this->args_real_size + sizeof (env *)
[+ sizeof( class *) if it is a static method]) to the lookup
function, and the lookup function itself to lookup "fooBar@nn" on Win32
and now gij can run bytecode that calls static as well as member
methods. Cool!

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