R. A. Rivas Diaz
Thu Nov 7 14:23:00 GMT 2002

> >> Last time I looked, kaffe used the GPL, not the GPL+exception. 
> Also,
> >> it had a peer-less implementation that didn't use native widget. 
> And,
> >> finally, it was JDK 1.1 only.
> Well, I think it uses a GPL+LGPL licence... the library portion might
> be
> LGPL, but I'll check... If it isn't it could be a problem.

I think it's important to check this, 'cause is better to start from a
1.1 implementation than for a 0.1 implementation (-:

> It is JDK 1.1, but then again that's what I meant by the "missing
> bits"
> that could come from "classpath", as it is the gcj implementation
> couldn't
> be called 1.2 compliant either (although it has a lot more).
> >> Have those things changed?
> Dunno, I've only seen GCJ AWT run on Linux, and I want a working
> cross
> platform version 8-) Maybe the native widgets are a drawback, the
> current
> code seems very X/GTK biased.
> ...Anyway, "I want" never gets 8-)
> I'm just idly throwing ideas into the wind at this point...
> How about AWT being an optional GCJ library ?

What I really like is a somehow pluggable awt library, so i can run an
AWT application using the GTK implementation, or a QT implementation,
or a Win32 implementation, or an X only implementation... etc... so the
user can see the application he want's to run using his(her) preferred
widget library.


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