Help needed to test RMI patches

Mark Wielaard
Thu Nov 7 09:29:00 GMT 2002


On Tue, 2002-11-05 at 01:23, Tom Tromey wrote:
> >>>>> "Mark" == Mark Wielaard <> writes:
> Mark> Last week I spend some time on merging the patches that the Orp
> Mark> developers send for GNU Classpath.
> Mark> Is there someone that uses RMI and wants to test these changes?
> I assume there isn't, simply because we haven't gotten many RMI bug
> reports.
> Do the ORP folks have test cases?

They claim to have been able to run JBoss with it which presumably uses
RMI for certain tasks. But I have never set it up and it uses a couple
of non-free libraries so I am not very motivated to play with it atm.

> Also, see PR 7938 for one test case.
> We haven't done anything with that yet.

Tried it a bit. But there are more issues that need to be solved with
ObjectInput/OutputStream to get this working. There are still some
ObjectStream patches pending (also from the Orp developers) but libgcj
and GNU Classpath have diverged a bit so I don't know if/when they can
be merged into libgcj.

> Mark> Do people want me to merge in the changes into libgcj (and
> Mark> review them)?
> Please do.  I don't think anybody is more qualified to review them
> than you are.  Certainly I've only looked at RMI in very superficial
> ways.

I just submitted it.



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