Completed Plan for --gc-sections on gcj [IGNORE my previous posts]

Adam Megacz
Wed Nov 6 15:54:00 GMT 2002

Adam Megacz <> writes:
>   If you invoke a given method, every method that overrides it is
>   included in the link, as well as everything that those methods refer
>   to.

Actually, I realized that this isn't as bad as I thought.  The linker
already knows not to even think about including a .o if no symbols in
it are referenced (this happens even without --gc-sections), so you'd
only get this extraneous inclusion if you were using static
fields/methods of the class, but never planned on instantiating the
class (and hence didn't need any of its virtual-dispatch methods).

I think I can live with this; such cases are not that common.

  - a

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