libltdl vs System.loadLibrary

Frank Jacobs
Wed Nov 6 07:27:00 GMT 2002

>> Looking through the libgcj configure
>> script, I find that USE_LTDL is not
>> used if "--with-cross-host" is 
>> specified - I had to specify it for
>> the GCJ crossed-native build for some
>> reason - don't exactly remember why.
>> I'll try building it again without this
>> and also try out JNI while I'm
>> at it.

To expound on Rajit's comments, as he
suggests, building a native compiler
(i.e. not a cross-compiler) for Windows will
allow JNI to work. I've run a simple JNI 
test using a natively-built compiler on
Windows and the JNI calls work. 


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