compile error

Martin Aliger
Wed Nov 6 04:38:00 GMT 2002

Hi list,

GCJ 3.2 do _not_ compile this correctly:


public class POIFSViewer

    public static void main()//final String args[])

package directive misleads compiler somehow.

when compile into binary, it complains about missing class$ identifier
when compile into .class (-C) it compiles OK, but resulting code could not be run with gij (really strange errors even if I copy .class file info ./org/apache/poi/poifs/dev/ directory)

I'm trying to make C++ port of POI library, but they use packages extensively so this feature is one of needed. Could someone have a look into it?

Thanks in forward,

PS: I report one other bug through bugzilla - so I hope you got it (internal error in a little longer

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