string->char* [former Re: core dump]

Tom Tromey
Tue Nov 5 11:28:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Aliger <> writes:

Martin> It works, but that conversion from jstring to char* is not
Martin> very convinient. Is there any (helper) method to do this?


Martin> Or rather convert into wchar_t or similar (not jchar)?


Martin> BTW: good work! GCJ seems to be much more mature that I (and
Martin> many others) think! AWT library is not main interest of many
Martin> developers and IMHO it should not be part of gcc itself
Martin> (rather external library to depend on)

The nice feature of including AWT is that it makes gcj look more like
the JDK.  The user doesn't have to do anything special.


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