groan: installation

Momchil Velikov
Mon Nov 4 13:25:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "Adam" == Adam Megacz <> writes:

    Adam> Per Bothner <> writes:
    >> But requiring Ant to build GCJ does not seem to make sense, I
    >> think.

    Adam> Make is written in C. =)

    Adam> Actually, this raises an interesting point: how do you
    Adam> bootstrap gcc on a system without make or a C compiler?
    Adam> Make requires [g]cc, and gcc requires make!

With a shell and a cross compiler.

    >> Perhaps when Ant can handle all the functionality of autoconf
    >> and automake as well, and I hear more reports about people
    >> using it for complex non-Javat projects, then perhaps it might
    >> be worth considering

    Adam> I think the biggest reason people get frustrated with ant is
    Adam> because it doesn't ship with the <sh> task, so you can't use

You mean there's more besides the baroque syntax ?


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