merging CGJ credits with GCC contributors list

Janis Johnson
Sun Nov 3 15:06:00 GMT 2002

Gerald Pfeifer and I would like to merge the list of Java contributors,
at, with the main list of GCC
contributors in gcc/doc/contrib.texi.  I'm planning to do this work,
although if there's someone from the GCJ project who really wants to do
it, let me know soon.

The description of each contributor in the merged list will be modified
slightly to include "GCJ" or "Java", and for the many people who are in
both lists I'll include information from both of the current entries.
I'll send the patch to this mailing list as well as to gcc-patches so
you can comment on the changes right away.  As always, modifications and
additions to the list are welcome at any time.

Janis Johnson

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