gcc-3.1's Array_3, Invoke_1, PR218, and Throw_2 failures on sparc32-linux

Bryce McKinlay bryce@waitaki.otago.ac.nz
Sun May 12 17:52:00 GMT 2002

Christian Jönsson wrote:

>These are backtraces of the Array_3, Invoke_1, PR218, and Throw_2 execution
>from bytecode->native test:

Well, these backtraces arn't really interesting - the SEGVs are supposed 
to happen. The reason why these test cases fail is that something is 
going wrong when throwing NullPointerException from the SEGV handler. 
David Miller worked on this for sparc linux recently and it is supposed 
to work, but it looks like it doesn't in your case. Perhaps you can work 
with him to diagnose this further.



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