Building GCC/GCJ under cygwin and Win32

Tom Tromey
Sun May 12 14:54:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "Eric" == Eric Blake <> writes:

>> [ GC and Cygwin ]

Eric> Can you post the patches you made?

Hans has some Cygwin patches that should show up eventually.  Once
they're in his tree we can just import to get them.

Eric> If I've been tracking archives correctly, using (build, host,
Eric> target) triples, people have built (linux, mingw, mingw)

Actually, I think people have mostly done (linux, linux, mingw).
That's what I did when doing some build testing: build on Linux,
compiler is hosted on Linux but targets mingw.

Usually the host and target parts are fairly well separable.  A
(cygwin, cygwin, mingw) build might already work, if you set up for a
case sensitive filesystem.


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