3.1.1 criteria

Adam Megacz gcj@lists.megacz.com
Fri May 10 20:18:00 GMT 2002

Now that 3.1 seems to be on the verge of shipping, I'd like to know
what patches people are willing to accept for 3.1.1, so I can spend my
time wisely.

Here's what's on my plate. None of the following affect binary

    - Win32 stack traces [already submitted the patch]
    - Make Win32Process work
    - Hash Synchronization (this already works, I just have to merge patches)
    - Closer review of java.io.* for proper error handling

Also, I'd like to fix Win32's notifyAll() [which is really, really
broken], but I have a feeling that it will break binary compatability
(only on Win32), since the mutex lock/unlock functions get inlined.

Also, Bryce, do you think you'll have time to look at this before


  - a

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