Newbie Questions

Andrew Haley
Tue May 7 06:59:00 GMT 2002

Clemens Eisserer writes:
 > Wow! Thanks for that much and fast feedback! I never expected that ;-))
 > >Don't worry.  But it is called "gcj".
 > >
 > I'm very sorry. I knew that there was something wrong ;-)  ....
 > >The difference is that our runtime is a shared library.
 > >
 > Hmm, maybe i didnt ask right... Is the code-output of gcj native code or 
 > is it just "tarned" as executable and interpreted by libgcj?
 > Are also all imported java-classes (*.....) nativly compiled or 
 > will they be "linked" by the libgcj and interpreted (.clss-Files).

We compile Java source (or bytecode if you prefer) to native code and
execute that.  Our Java runtime library, libgcj, is also native code.
If you want to, libgcj can also load bytecode and interpret it[*].  We
don't usually do that, but it is sometimes useful and the Java
standard requires it.


[*] Not all targets support interpreted code.

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