Newbie Questions

Clemens Eisserer
Mon May 6 10:13:00 GMT 2002


I'm still a very newbie at gjc so plaese dont be angry about my stupid 
questions ;-)....

When I heard first time about gjc and libgjc a was very excited about 
it. But I dont know what I can really do with it.
I heard it is nearly compatible with Java-1.1.8 (without Gui-Stuff...), 
but can I really make native apps with it, like any C++ app.
Is there nothing like a runtime, everything nativly? That would be sooo 

Is it possible to link static with libgjc , so that the user dont need 
to install it.(Of cource there will be choice...)

Is there a garbage-collector avaible? And how is that realized, I thing 
there is no runtime-enviroment...

I heard that there are already some AWT-Classes. Are they ready to use 
and how does they look on linux? (I heard something like GTK)...

Will all java-classes that are included in my file (e.g.*) 
 compiled nativly?

Is gjc a "dead" or lacy project, or is there much traffic on it?

Thank you very much for answering my questions and sorry for my bad 
english ;-).....

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