compiling java.awt with gcj

Brian Jones
Wed Jul 31 05:46:00 GMT 2002

Bryce McKinlay <> writes:

> For the CNI GTK peers which are in the libjava tree, displaying a
> frame is pretty much all that I implemented so far ;-)
> Others have reported some success using the JNI-based GTK peers from
> the classpath tree. In the long run CNI based peers would be better,
> because CNI is more efficient and maintainable. But it might be that
> working on the peers from the classpath tree is the best way to get
> something running quickly.

There is a lot of native code here that makes me question the
usefulness of making CNI peers that are only useful to gcj when the
JNI peers are still in need of so much work.  Without code sharing or
just working on the JNI peers I fear that while gcj may gain something
here the rest of the free software vm world loses.  As noted, gcj has
no trouble using the JNI peers.

Brian Jones <>

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