Building the GTK peers...

Norman Hendrich
Tue Jul 30 07:10:00 GMT 2002

Hello Laurent,

>I started building the gtk peers just a few days ago. I got a minimal
>gtk-based AWT application running yesterday on my linux i586 machine.
>Before contributing patches to gcc community, I just want to get
>things cleaner (I need background on some configure machinery details).

Cool!  I got a Frame to show, but neither events nor painting works...

>Since you currently need an AWT library working and I need feedback
>on this work, I will try to get this work done and contribute it
>within next days. Maybe it can be useful for you ?

Yes!  However, I can't promise how quick I will be able to follow your
progress. Still, here is my personal immodest ordered wishlist :-)

  Frame (Window, Container, Component)
   Events and EventListener
    Panel with Flow- Grid- Border- GridBag-Layout
     Button, Label 
      Canvas (basically paint(), update(), possibly getGraphics() - 
              this would allow me to test most of my custom components).
       TextComponent, TextField, TextArea
         Dialog, FileDialog
- Norman                                     

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