Almost there...

Tom Tromey
Mon Jul 22 19:42:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> "Norman" == Norman Hendrich <> writes:

Norman> 1) Some of my source files include German umlauts, but compiling with
Norman>    gcj --encoding=ISO-8859-1, as posted recently on this list, worked.
Norman>    I think this should go onto the GCJ FAQ web page.

That makes sense.

Norman> 2) GCJ doesn't like double constants like "0E-9" (jikes and javac do).

Thanks.  I agree this is a bug.
Could you submit a PR for this?

Norman> Q1: Is there any way to convince the linker that it should produce
Norman>     an executable anyway, despite missing references?  

Offhand I doubt it, but you could check the linker reference manual to
make sure.

Norman>     I am quite confident that all classes and methods actually used 
Norman>     during  batch-mode simulation are there.

You could make a C file with dummy definitions for the missing symbols.

Or you could change your program so that the AWT dependencies are in a
module that doesn't need to be linked in.

Or you could write the missing classes :-)

Norman> Q2: Are you at all interested in a more detailed bug report against 
Norman>     the gcj AWT? 

I don't think so, since we already know a lot of stuff is missing.


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