GNU Crypto

Raif S. Naffah
Mon Jul 22 02:21:00 GMT 2002

Adam Megacz wrote:
> Nic Ferrier <> writes:
>>Eventually there will be a GNU Java JCA/JCE implementation using
>>these. By that time we will probably be delivering a comprehensive
>>GNU java platform.
> Hrm, is there a reason why the GNU Crypto project hasn't simply
> adopted the Bouncy Castle libraries ( I've been
> using them for six months now and found them to be very high quality.

GNU Crypto is *not* a JCA/JCE implementation.  as is mentioned in its 
home page:

"...(GNU Crypto) aims at providing free, versatile, high-quality, and 
provably correct implementations of cryptographic primitives and tools 
in the Java programming language for use by programmers and end-users."

beacuse it does not always follow the published interfaces of Sun, the 
library includes a sub-package (gnu.crypto.jce.*) that contains Adapters 
for allowing plugging the appropriate algorithms into a JCA/JCE 
implementation as a Security Provider (GnuCrypto) --we ear-marked 
BouncyCastle, Cryptix and JDK1.4 JCA/JCE publishers for future integration.

(currently there are only Adapters for the *built-in* hash, PRNG and 
signature schemes.  Adapters for the interfaces and 
classes will come later.)


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