Behaviour of CharArrayWriter

Andrew Haley
Mon Jul 22 01:50:00 GMT 2002

Lars Andersen writes:
 > GCJ behaves in many ways like jdk1.4, even though it is only partially
 > done.
 > An example is the "assert" keyword enforced in GCJ.
 > throws an in jdk1.3 , in jdk1.4 it doesn't according
 > to Sun java API pages.
 > In GCJ it throws an IOException, like the jdk1.3.

Okay.  If we agree that this is wrong we will fix it.

 > This can be very confusing, when GCJ sometimes behaves radically
 > different from standard jdk's.

I don't understand what point you're making here.  It seems like,
according to your description, gcj must inevitably behave in a
different way to one of these JDKs.

Any reasonable written Java prgram must surely not depend on minor
differences between jdk1.3 and jdk1.4.


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