RFC: Java inliner

Andrew Haley aph@cambridge.redhat.com
Wed Jul 10 04:29:00 GMT 2002

Alexandre Oliva writes:
 > On Jul 10, 2002, Andrew Haley <aph@redhat.com> wrote:
 > >> I wonder if, instead of duplicating the code from tree-inline.c and
 > >> then modifying it to suit Java, we wouldn't be better off with an
 > >> #if/#else/#endif (hopefully temporary) mess, so as to avoid divergence
 > >> between these files...  
 > > As I said, I did try but halfway through I abandoned it because it was
 > > too untidy.
 > Hmm, I hadn't got the impression you had relied on the preprocessor to
 > separate the C/C++-specific bits from the generic/Java ones. 

I had a try, but it was getting rather complex.

 > If you did, and it looked awful, oh well... :-(

Tell you what, I'll diff the two and see if I can come up with a
sensible way to abstract the differences.


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