Problems in GCJ

Tom Tromey
Wed Jan 30 21:43:00 GMT 2002

>>>>> ">" == Deepak  <" <>> writes:

>>   presently i am working in solaris 8.i tried to convert my java
>> code into native code.  Using GCJ ( from GNU) i tried to compile my
>> java code and i got a executable.  this GCJ version is 2.95.while
>> running the executable ,it dumped core(segmentation fault)

>> #0  _Jv_equalUtf8Consts (a=0x0, b=0xff2d4442) at
>> ./../../libjava/

This looks familiar.  For best results, don't trust my memory but
instead search the mailing lists for this problem.

My recollection is that this means you need the GNU binutils.

Also, 2.95 is a very old release.  I recommend at least some 3.0
release; I think 3.0.3 is current.


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