Native compilation article

Bryce McKinlay
Fri Jan 25 12:08:00 GMT 2002

Nic Ferrier wrote:

>>perhaps you are interested in an article I just found: 
>Ooohhh... what a suprise. The IBM jre wins every test.
>Who'd have thought it?

They used GCC 3.0 for their testing. The current cvs GCJ beats IBM and 
Sun on Scimark, and is in fact much faster if we cheat with 

The test used in the article is a bit tricky because they 
used "long" for all the calculation instead of "int", and GCC doesn't 
produce particularly efficient code for the 64-bit mod operation. After 
changing "long" to "int", gcj beats both IBM and Sun Linux JDKs. With 
"long" we are slightly faster than Sun, but a lot slower than IBM - so 
obviously their JIT must have better optimized "long" operations.



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