Problem with the online CNI manual

Nic Ferrier
Fri Jan 25 05:56:00 GMT 2002

I'm finding the CNI manual a bit confusing, I think there are some
misleading bits.

The page titled: Methods includes the following:

  *Object Constructors*
  Constructors are called implicitly as part of object allocation
  using the new operator.  
  For example:
    java::lang::Int x = new java::lang::Int(234);

But I think this is wrong isn't it? The next page, "Object Allocation"
suggests it should be this:

   java::lang::Int *x = new java::lang::Int(234);

And from what I remember from my C++ years (which is some time ago now
I have to confess) that is correct, new is like malloc and therefore
returns a pointer to the object, not the object itself.

I don't know if it's possible to rely on other C++ allocation
mechanisms for java classes, eg: could one do this:

  somepackage::SomeClass ()
    // Automatic allocation of ht.
    ::java::util::Hashtable ht = ::java::util::Hashtable ();
    ht.put (JvNewStringLatin1 ("key"), 
              JvNewStringLatin1 ("value"));
    // ht is automatically destroyed when scope is left.

Also, it would be great if the CNI reference was included in the GCJ
documentation, maybe as an appendix or something.

That would require that the GCJ manual was re-written in info unless
anyone is aware of a docbook->info stylesheet? (the CNI manual is in
docbook/sgml right now).

Would anyone like me to start that process?


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