& darwin

Bryce McKinlay
Thu Jan 24 15:11:00 GMT 2002

Andreas Tobler wrote:

>Second, two functions are not defined in, they are used in java/lang/ref/
>_Jv_GCCanReclaimSoftReference (jobject) and
>_Jv_GCRegisterDisappearingLink (jobject *objp)
>I implemented them as 'null' functions, copied from Is this

>This should not be a patch, more a RFC. I couldn't test now. If the way
>is ok I'll deliver a patch.
>Third, I have an undefined symbol where I struggle as well. When linking
>I miss the symbol _sqrtf. My search led to the point that this
>symbol/function is in libstdc++.a but this one isn't on the linking libs
>list. Well, I didn't say --disabled-shared because I assumed that this
>is default on darwin.
>Do I have explicitly say disable-shared?

I don't think so. sqrtf should be defined by java/lang/w_sqrt.o in 
libjava. libgcj doesn't need libstdc++ so you shouldn't need to link it.

>And last, how about patches, I see different formats diff -rcs or diff
>-u, which one is preferred? I prefer -u since it uses less space, but
>I'm open to do as expected.

Some people like -c (context diff) but -u (unified diff) seems to be the 
most popular for GCC. So, -u is fine.

>And finally the diff, as said, this one should not be applied since I
>couldn't test so far and I'd like to hear your opinion.

It looks fine. is only used occasionally when trying to get a 
new port up and running, which is why it is broken so often. Any patch 
to fix it is welcome ;-)



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